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PAN Membership Benefits

Members of PAN will:
  • Receive free copies of selected PAN publications and reduced prices for other publications.
  • Receive and contribute to the PAN e-newsletter and to other features of the PAN website.
  • Exchange information with all the PAN members through the Parenting website’s restricted access area.
  • Participate in PAN conferences, other events and activities.
  • Get partnership possibilities with member organisations in advocacy of Skilful Parenting at national and regional levels.
  • Have increased awareness and knowledge on various parenting issues, through active participation in the discussion forums on PAN’s website.
  • Be included in the membership database together with your organization’s profile.
  • Get the opportunity to promote your programs, services and vacancies on PAN’s website.
  • Receive regular updates on parenting issues in Africa, from PAN.

Criteria for eligibility:

All member organisations of the PAN:
  • Must have goals and objectives concurrent to the activities of the network.
  • Should express commitment towards the mission and purpose of the Network
  • Should express their commitment to work on a voluntary basis.
  • Must be representing a Non-Profit Organisation.
  • Must be registered according to the country's laws and be recognised nationally.
  • Must submit a duly filled application form.
  • Must pay, annually, the full amount of the registration fee.