Platforms for learning and sharing among member organizations

This is for facilitating interaction between members; gathering and disseminating relevant information on who is doing what, in parenting, in Africa.

  • Discussion forum and the polling of views of its readers
  • Quarterly e-newsletter
  • Database of parenting manuals and/or documents currently being used in Africa

Development of materials on parenting

In order to enrich information on parenting, PAN publishes books as well as other Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials and disseminates them through various forms of media (publications, journals and documentaries). The purpose is to reinforce positive parental values, knowledge and skills in parenting.

Cross country and program sharing platforms: Sharing and reflection on parenting resources and programs in Africa

Through regional meetings, we hope to create a holistic approach to efforts of supporting parents in Africa. These are platforms where members share and learn the various programmes and approaches focusing on parents, and families. The best practices and lessons learnt shall form the groundwork for development of guidelines and manuals, on skilful parenting, for use by members in their parenting programs.