Current Development Partners

Funded Initiatives

  • a) Theme 2010-15: Strengthening families through skilful parenting

    Parenting in Africa Network is a member of the Together4Change (T4C) alliance, a collaboration of international and national development actors who have come together to develop a joint strategy of civic driven advocacy and actions for child rights and protection. The T4C alliance has identified 'Strengthening families to enable adequate protection of children' as an important result area, in child protection.

    Through working with its Network members and partners, PAN has committed to contribute to this crucial result area through promoting skilful parenting practices in Africa.



b) Theme 2012: Skilful Parenting and behaviour modification in Early Child Development &

c) Theme 2013-15: Skilful Parenting; Collaborative partnership for wellbeing of families

PAN works to influence positive child development through enhanced capacities of professionals working with children, parents and caregivers, who, by virtue of their duties and responsibilities influence the lives of children. Through research into social and environmental issues that pose risks to acquisition of antisocial skills, the  project(s) bring out important information to inform capacity building and empowerment of parents /caregivers in understanding and impacting on children’s development and care.

Through the project(s), PAN is engaging member organisations and other relevant stakeholders in striving to provide a world where families are provided with the skills and knowledge to form positive bonds that minimise incidents of conflicts in families. There is need to ensure that children develop in a safe and secure environment where they are not afraid to question, explore and form self-regulating mechanisms for their care.